March 13, 2009

In an August Company

'Who are you? You don't belong here.'

'I've lost my way home, I stay with people.'

'I stay on this street.'

'Is it safe?'

'Not for you. You're an outsider.'

'My people like to believe the same... because of me you know.'

'Run away now!'

'Is it safe?'

'Not for you. You're an outsider.'

'Where are you going?'

'It's time the fat lady throws out the leftovers.'

'Can I come along?'

'No! It's not much. I will have to go hungry because of you.'

'Oh no no, I won't eat any leftovers. I just want to see this fat lady.'

'Why do you want to see her?'

'Because she must be having a lot of food not only to make her fat but also to throw away.'

'Run away, I said! She won't like you. You are too black.'

'I am august.'

'Quit following me.'

'Is that her?'


'Mmm... yum! It was more tasty today.'

'Are you full?'

'Do I look sleepy?'


'Then I am not.'

'I am sorry.'

'Why are you staring at the house? Don't do that, she'll hurl something at you.'

'I am all right.'

'Aren't you hungry?'

'I am all right.'

'Very well.'

'Ah, look, the fat lady brings out some food for me in a dish.'

'You haughty lap ornaments have an easy life.'

'Would you like to share it?'

'Is it safe?'

'Not for you. You're an outsider.'

'But what the heck! She knows me, the fat lady.'

'Then why ask, join in. There is enough for both of us.'

'Thank you. It is for the first time that I have had a full meal.'

'I must find my way home now. I don't think it is very far away from here.'

'If you go through that hole in the wall over there, you will find yourself on a different street.'

'Is it safe?'

'Don't worry, I shall guard you.'


Anonymous said...

NIce post :)
Funny tooo...

Anonymous said...

Like your blog You can also check mine :)

Gopsay said...

Good post! I had trouble initially in sensing who the speakers were, but got away with with it as I progressed .. Good job.. Keep writing

Mriga said...

nice i love the way it flows

Gaurav Tārkar said...

The conversation is between two dogs. one is a street dog and the other is a black pet dog who is lost on the streets.

Suchita said...

wov really commendable!i loved the manner in which the conversation is smartly put across... Was it written keeping in mind the Outsiders and Insiders issue in Mumbai, which was fueled by some Politicos months back?

Gaurav Tārkar said...

oh no no! there were no ulterior motives or references. it is just an innocent conversation between two dogs, that is it!