May 6, 2009

The Idle Masturbation of a Jobless Mind

Boredom... I dunno why, but I consider it to be a state of mind more blissful than sleep. Not the plain boredom though, but severe boredom, when you have absolutely no idea about what you want to do. You just sit there staring in the blank space. These lines written till now are forced out despite boredom. God! I didn't know I could suck so much... even as I write I have absolutely no idea where I am going to end up or what I am gonna write on. Twice already I have used three dots which show an indefinite end to ideas leaving them hanging in the air.

That was so irrelevant and unrelated.

After 10 minutes... I browsed through my friends list on Orkut profile. I realised I had added some just because they sent me a request and I have to bump into them more than one time in a week. I deleted them nevertheless. I like to keep only my friends close to me, not some acquaintances. I have some friends in my list who have more than 1000 'Orkut friends'. Talk about quality and quantity, eh!

I don't like anybody to hover behind me while I am sitting at the computer. I know they may not be trying to read what is there on screen (even though its nothing censurable) but what the heck... I am goddamn bored, I can make any kind of statements as far as I am not asking them to follow it. Should I do that, I will get a smack on my head from behind itself and the next thing I come to know my internet connection will be terminated. Hmph, shtupid parents!

There are some people who you can't help but hate from the first sight itself. I don't know why, but there have been couple of people I cannot stand whatsoever. Karma, incompatible aura, bad vibes, negative feelings, preconceived notions - call it whatever you want to, even though your best friends may get along well with them, you won't be able to do so with this one particular person. I like to think of such people when I am bored and hate them in peace... without judging myself or caring enough about negativity and all. One blissful advantage of boredom: you are too drunk on it to be introspective.

One thing which escapes my limited intelligence is why people act so "oversmart" when it comes to the freaking values and traditions? Now, bored or sane, I always hated these self-proclaimed Moral Police. One such incident which pissed me off was that Akshay Kumar's unbuttoning jeans episode at a fashion show (his wife unbuttoned his jeans on the ramp). This guy slapped a case on Kumar and his wife for indecency. First of all, this show was never formally aired on television, it's pictures appeared in newspapers and some clips were shown on entertainment channels. And I am pretty sure this sata-savatra bastard was not the one attending that show either that his nuts interchanged their places on the spot because of the "show of indecency". It is the people like him who are so cheap that to bask in the 15 seconds of fame they target any person. Now I am no die-hard fan of Kumar or his wife or anything, but I just hate such morons. I mean, c'mon dude, how jobless could you get? I can picture: he must have sat in front of TV one evening, with his wife and kids, watching some C-grade Hindi news channel where these equally loser of people show news in a cheap way. And his little chunnu-munnu might've got their first dose of kinkiness in the presence of their parents who might be squirming in their seats due to embarrassment. No wonder he filed a case against them.

Inference: When bored, do whatever you want to, and think about its consequence later: The Blithering Idiot.

(Shut up and let me go by The Ting Tings:
I ain't freaking I ain't fakin this
I ain't freaking I ain't fakin this
I ain't freaking I ain't fakin this
Just shut up and let me go!)


Adisha said...

Awesome boredom !! :)

ME too wonder about those people I hate on sight... Some days I find myself thinking about why it is that no matter how much I think of TRYING to work up SOME affection, None comes up ...

About the moral policing.. I just hate those idiots who think they are better than others.. I wonder why people are so hypocritical , just finding a reason to point finger at another when so many are pointed right back ... Like someone I know who didn't think twice about meddling in someone else's life but when the time came does the same thing himself .... Ironical !! And these silly people creating silly issues about silly moments of self indulgence by others... Urgh !!!

Here's to your blithering blog :)


Pranay said...

hmm... m unable to decipher the title!!!
i guess... one of the side effects of 'khali dimaag'!!!
Though i second the moral policing thing... just a bunch of attention-mongers!

Gaurav Tārkar said...

no no... its not the side effect of khali dimag. it means when you are bored or jobless the things you potter around with just to pass the time.

Pranay said...

hmm... so masturbation is time pass!! :p
okay.. lets stop there.. this is goin in al d wrong directions!:p

Gaurav Tārkar said...

its a metaphor for pottering :x

Shruti Mukundan said...

oh boy.. i was getting bored n reached ur blog, never knew boredom can get such a good writeup. well written... i almost lost my boredom while reading.

even i have done that deleted n then added things in orkut.. outta the 150 friends on my list i was wondering how many r 'friends' there.. but then watever... who cares if they r thr or if they rn't... i mean the close once knows that they r close, they neednt even b thr added as frds on a stupid social web-site..

anyways ur thoughts r similar to mine n i enjoied every bit of it. keep writting. u got a regular visitor here :)

ॐ Vincy said...

I mean, c'mon dude, how jobless could you get???

Anonymous said...

hey..after a coupla drinks down..i read ur post..enjoyed..
I was laughing at the irony when you called yourself suffering from severe boredom and then called the person who filed the case against AK, as " how jobless could you get "
I hope you get bored more.We ll have some good posts to read :)

Do visit my blog
Arun Rafi

Saadi said...

Rather interesting turn midway!! Good going, man!

neha dhavle said...

frankly i never thought that severely bored people can write such awesome blogs..Dude, great work!
hope u get bored more frequently!